Landscape design

Korten steel for the landscape

As one of the latest trends in the world of modern landscape architecture, core steel has become an extraordinary novelty, which every designer should know about. Due to its main advantage, namely invulnerability and extraordinary resistance to adverse atmospheric phenomena, Corten Steel is successfully used to decorate the infield.

Landscape designers love Corten

Why did landscape designers love korten so much? Yes, the advantages of this noble steel gave impetus to the popularity of its use in the design of gardens and private estates. Soft colors of steel – from light-red to rich brown, velvet to the touch korten sheets, their reliability and ease of processing – these are the same properties that raise the material above the others.

Designers note the following merits, intrinsic to Corten steel:

  • The combination of strength and ``eternity``

    The combination of strength and “eternity” steel with a minimum sheet thickness. This makes it possible to create elegant, delicate and filigree products for external space.

  • Natural warm shades

    Natural warm shades easily fit into the overall landscape style, emphasize the entire palette of greenery

  • Corten steel is available in plates and sheets

    Corten steel is available in plates and sheets of different sizes, which facilitates the production of various items

  • The ease of steel processing

    The ease of steel processing – welding, bending, laser cutting and perforation allows artists and sculptors to translate their conceptual ideas into real works of art and, thereby, achieve the desired goals

Where to use Corten Steel in landscape architecture

Architectural projects around the world clearly demonstrate the use of Corten Steel as a material open to courageous creativity.

Here is just a small list of products from Corten Steel used on the plot:

  • mangals, summer kitchens, barbecue, fireplaces
  • steps, stairs
  • fences, gates
  • flowerbeds, flowerpots, pots
  • benches
  • smooth and openwork screens, screens for zoning
  • waterfalls, pools, ponds
  • sculptures, art-design
  • shutters for windows, roofing, etc


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